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Changelog 1.9

  • The Event section is now available on the Dashboard, enabling you to organize events, sell tickets, and handle event management.
  • You can now easily integrate third-party services and tools into your project by installing apps from the Ucraft App Store to expand the capabilities of your platform.
  • The Apps section is now available on the Dashboard to install new apps or edit the installed ones.
  • Google Analytics 4, Segment, HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Zapier are now available in the Ucraft App Store for installation into your project.
  • You can now manage your billing and plans directly within the displayed popup without being redirected to a separate billing page.
  • You can now duplicate any object (Row, Column, Block, and Widget) by dragging it while keeping the Alt/Option key pressed.
  • A Go Back button is now available to navigate back to the previous step during the onboarding flow.
  • You can now rearrange and reposition objects (Row, Column, Block, and Widget) using only the keyboard.
  • Sign-in and sign-up-specific widgets are now available in the Visual Editor under the User Account grouping.
  • The Register Form widget settings now allow you to predefine a group for your registered users.
  • You can now manage the status (active/pending) upon users' registration from the User Group section on the Dashboard.
  • You can now improve the UX of the Add to Cart button by designing an Out of Stock state to be displayed to your customers.
  • You now have the option to prolong your free trial period for seven additional days after it has expired.
  • The load time for the transactions list has been decreased due to reducing the number of function calls.
  • The interface of the Content and Settings tabs is improved for a better UX.
  • The number input fields under the Typography grouping now accept decimals.
  • The sitemap is regenerated, and Robot Tags are updated according to the performed actions.
  • You can now move the objects within Rows, Columns, and Blocks due to the drag-and-drop logic optimization.
  • Clicking a page in the Pages application now displays the page Settings.
  • Your customers are now redirected to the single item page when clicking its name or image.
  • The UI of the Widgets list has been enhanced to display the expanded grouping of the widgets specific to the selected page.
  • A predesigned view is now displayed to your customers when opening a website that does not exist in the Ucraft Data Base.
  • The load time of the product variants list has been decreased due to reducing the number of function calls.
  • You can now inject code for any language other than the default one to implement the changes exclusively for the specified language.
  • The Condition field is no longer required for creating a Manual Discount.
  • A sitemap is no longer generated for subdomains.
  • The product image is now displayed on the single review page in the Customer Reviews section.
  • Your product URL alias is not case-sensitive.
  • The product Inventory field now accepts only numerical values.
  • You can now define the quantity for the Booking and Rental type products.
  • The Price and Compared Price fields only accept decimal values.
  • More actions are now tracked and displayed in the Activity Log.
  • You can now create your project name in any language.
  • You can now successfully assign only the child category to a product without the need to assign its parent.
  • Your customers now can successfully reset their passwords.
  • All the categories are now available in the list to be chosen as a Menu item.
  • You can now successfully choose a UI element within the Form widget.
  • You and your teammates now successfully get the CMS and Visual Editor permissions based on the selected package.
  • The phone number of your customers provided when signing up is now successfully autosaved in the relevant field of the Profile section.
  • You can now successfully enable/disable the Required setting for the Form widget fields.
  • The design of the Container widget remains unaffected when adding a link to it.
  • You can now successfully open the Content tab for any UI element.
  • The changes made to the Collection Category page are now successfully autosaved.
  • The warning message regarding concurrent editing no longer appears when only one teammate is editing the website.
  • An error message is no longer displayed in the Visual Editor if you have deleted a collection field from the Dashboard.
  • The stylistic modifications applied to the Social Login widget are now successfully displayed in the Public Mode.
  • The Radius and Thickness features are now displayed on the Visual Editor Property Panel with appropriate styling and view.
  • You can now successfully navigate to the Content section of the Button element in the Design System.
  • The spacing in the content of the Title and Paragraph widgets is now correctly applied in the Public Mode.
  • The URLs in the Help section have been updated to redirect you to the appropriate resources.
  • You can now successfully rearrange the elements within the User Account Drawer.
  • The styling applied to the widgets within the User Account Drawer is now displayed in the Public Mode.
  • You can now successfully change the UI element for the Download Invoice button from the Design System.
  • The Menu Drawer now becomes scrollable to accommodate the content when adding large widgets.
  • The Autoplay setting of the Video widget now works for .mov format videos.
  • Your customers can now successfully log in using an iOS device.
  • Your customers can now successfully complete the checkout flow providing a phone number in the contact details.
  • Your customers can now successfully submit a form containing a UI element existing in the Design System.
  • The State field in the Shipping Address section is now correctly displayed when choosing the country on the Checkout Details page.
  • The size of the widgets in the Product List is not affected when switching between the list pages.
  • The phone number provided by your customer is now successfully saved when editing the address in the checkout flow.
  • The linking mechanism of the Manu widget functions correctly regardless of the Visual Editor language.
  • The hide/unhide setting you configure for the widgets in the Product List while in the CMS mode is now effectively applied in the Public Mode.
  • The Previous and Next arrows are not displayed for the first and last images, in the Slider widget.
  • The selected tab of the Slider widget pagination is now displayed as active.
  • The product image now changes when your customers select a product color swatch.
  • You are now successfully redirected to the single page of an Appointment type product from the Recent Orders and other Dashboard sections.
  • Your customers now see the correct date for an Appointment type product with the "Available every week" setting enabled.
  • The valid values for Acquisition and Conversion Fluctuation are now displayed in the Analytics section.
  • Your customers now receive an accurate error message when purchasing a ticket for an already locked seat.
  • Your customers are now successfully redirected to the single product page when clicking the product in the order-related emails.
  • Your customers now see only the available upcoming delivery time slots on the shipping page.
  • The pagination for the My Projects section now works properly.
  • You can now successfully preview the Category page.
  • You can now successfully change the file name for your Digital type products.
  • The Shop Now button in the email notification now redirects your customers to the relevant page.
  • You can now successfully upload an SVG file when creating a Customer Group.
  • Your customers can now easily log in with their Google accounts from the wrapped application.
  • 77 other bugs are fixed to improve the platform stability and functionality.