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Changelog 1.6.1

  • You can now offer your customers in Armenia a wider range of local payment options through the Fast Shift Terminal payment method.
  • You can now use the Alt key for duplicating widgets in the Visual Editor to save time and maintain a consistent design when creating similar or identical widgets.
  • Your customer notifications now inherit the style of your website design.
  • The Project and Billing statuses are now separated and displayed accordingly.
  • The general flow of choosing a template is optimized for a better user experience.
  • Your customers now experience a faster loading time due to caching system improvements.
  • The payment method logo set on the Dashboard is now displayed to your customers when checking out.
  • The country list API is optimized to improve the form submission flow.
  • The Add to Cart CTA is now renamed based on the product types.
  • You are now required to enter a verification code on the My Accounts page when entering a new phone number.
  • The page background color is now autosaved and instantly displayed in the Public Mode without publishing.
  • You can now successfully switch between languages when the domain is connected to a specific one.
  • You can now successfully search for a country code in the Phone Number dropdown.
  • The seconds unit is no longer displayed in the Time Slot widget.
  • The Review List widget now appears in the Public Mode with the proper styling.
  • The placeholder attributes of Collection Items are no longer visible in the Public Mode.
  • 35 other bugs are fixed to improve the platform stability and functionality.