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Changelog 1.6

  • Predesigned Blocks are now available under All Blocks to create layouts.
  • The Password Protected widget is now available on the Offline system page, enabling you to restrict your customers' access to the project.
  • The changes applied in Content Mode are now automatically saved, providing a seamless and worry-free editing experience.
  • You can now add Blocks directly in Content Mode.
  • The shortcuts for widget-specific styles and settings are now available to access and customize the widgets more efficiently.
  • Focus Mode is now available in Content Mode for you to focus on specific elements or sections when editing, providing a more streamlined experience.
  • You can now rename the blocks to organize and manage the content more efficiently.
  • The Component Visibility Control functionality is now available for you to hide the website components directly in the main layout and unhide them from the Layers section.
  • You can now restore your account within 30 days after deleting it.
  • The Go Back button is now available on the Sign In/Up Verification page to navigate back to the previous page.
  • The AI now uses the information provided during the onboarding process to generate content about your business.
  • You can now easily adjust margins and paddings on rows using the Flex controls for block entities.
  • The Free shipping method is now automatically generated with your business address when creating a new project.
  • The Confirmation pop-up now appears only when applying a change in the Discounts section.
  • The UI and UX of the Project Status section has been improved.
  • You can now apply a badge color when creating a new Customer Group to be displayed next to the Group name in the product review section.
  • The translations of attributes in the Category Filter widget are now visible in Public Mode.
  • The content of the Cart Summary widget is now translated when switching between languages.
  • The error messages for the Form Fields are now accurately translated into the selected language.
  • The Filter widget content on the My Account page is now accurately translated into the selected language.
  • Text Swatch translations for product variants are now visible the Visual Editor as well as on single product and category pages.
  • The User Agent visibility type is now properly crawled by Google Bots.
  • You can now successfully sort the collections in a Collection List.
  • You can now search for both Collection Item and Category templates in the Visual Editor.
  • The Homepage URL is now updated when setting an internal page as the Homepage.
  • The changes to the Shipping Chooser widget styling are now effectively applied.
  • The Order Calculation widget now displays the accurate price, taking into account all taxes and discounts.
  • The shipping and billing details are now displayed in the Visual Editor in a proper format.
  • You now receive a correct email notification when creating project on a free plan.
  • The accurate page meta title is now displayed when navigating to a page that no longer exists.
  • The selected delivery time slot is now mentioned in email notifications sent to your customers.
  • The Public Website button on the Dashboard now immediately redirects to the public mode of a project with a custom domain.
  • The order confirmation emails now include an image placeholder for products without images.
  • A correct error message is now displayed to you when deleting a customer with a pending order.
  • The Total Amount variable is now included under the New Order admin notification.
  • You are now navigated to the order page when clicking the order ID in the Abandoned Checkouts list.
  • A default category is now automatically applied to all the existing products when creating a new product.
  • You can now filter the collections by their field type.
  • Your customers and project admins now receive notifications when deleting a customer account.
  • 106 other bugs are fixed to improve the platform stability and functionality.