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Changelog 1.3.1

  • The Cart Summary, Collection List, Product List, and Rate/Review widgets now function properly due to the Item Repeater widget refactoring.
  • The system now detects the language of the website to send notifications in the selected language.
  • The attribute names and their values translated in the Dashboard are now displayed in the Visual Editor and Public Mode.
  • The submenu is now automatically closed on outclick.
  • The logos and favicons in the SVG format are now visible in the Visual Editor.
  • The Product Media widget dropped into the Slider widget is now displayed properly.
  • You can now successfully drop the configurable attribute Selection Type Dropdown onto the single product page.
  • You are no longer redirected to the listing page after editing a Category, Product Family, and Collection.
  • You can now search for attributes on the Product Family creation page.
  • Nine other bugs are fixed to improve the platform stability and functionality.